Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Dyna - Summary
Ultraman Dyna set seven years later in AD 2017, when humans are embarking on terra-forming Mars and other planets in what is known as the Age of the Neo Frontier. The series begins with the Neo Frontier being attacked by the Spheres, some UFOs that show up on occasion throughout the series. Asuka has just joined SuperGUTS and is in the middle of training maneuvers above Earth's atmosphere when they are attacked. He proves himself in battle, and can hold his own against ace pilot Ryoh. However, his ship is damaged and he ejects. He is then encountered by a shining light. Following that all-too-familiar pattern, Dyna merges with the bewildered Asuka. When the Spheres enter Mars' atmosphere and merge with the Martian rocks to form monsters, Asuka again participates in the battle, but when he finds himself in a pinch, he suddenly transforms into Ultraman Dyna. The members of Super GUTS quickly catch on that this is not Ultraman Tiga from seven years ago, but a new giant of light.

Dyna is a multi-colored multi-type Ultraman, whose default Flash type has red and blue patterns on silver. Dyna can transform into an all-red Strong type and an all-blue Miracle type.

Height: 55 meters
Weight: 45,000 tons
Human Form: Shin Asuka
Transformation Item: Reflasher .

Has lots of laser weaponry. After Asuka transforms to Flash type, he can change to either Strong or Miracle types only once, but never both in the same transformation. However, when in Strong or Miracle type, he can switch back to Flash.
Flight Speed: mach 100
Running Speed: Mach 90
Aquatic Speed: Mach 50
Subterranean Speed: Mach 50
Jumping Height: 100000 m

Weapons :
Solgent Ray/Beam/Blast: Plus-style.
Flash Cycler: An explosive beam he shoots from his arms.
Dyna Slash: Jagged ring of light for cutting much like the original Ultraman's.
Ultra Barrier
Ultra Water Stream
Ultra Fork: An energy ball he throws like a base-ball.
Beam Slicer
Ultra Flash Blast
Ultra Beam

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